A Letter to Myself #1

This is the first letter I’m going to write to you and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. Right now you’re going through something that I don’t think you’ve ever experienced before. You’re so detached and unhappy for reasons that you don’t even understand. It may be because you lost two people who you loved very much in a span of six months or it can be because of the lack of love in your life. Whatever the reason is, I know you’ll get through this.

You’ve always wanted to become a strong and independent woman and I think now is the best time to understand how you can grow into someone you’ll love. That’s one of your flaws, you see. You don’t love yourself enough and I think that’s also one of the biggest reasons why you’re unhappy. Learn to love yourself even if you can’t find a reason to do so. I mean, if you don’t love yourself, how will you expect others to love you?

I hope this idea will help you get rid of the thoughts that haunt you. I hope it helps you grow and become the person that you long to be. Always remember that you deserve to be happy.


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