A Letter to Myself #2

The other day you had this dream about a man that you were pretty sure you loved. It was a good dream, pretty great actually, until that man died. It left you feeling awful and heartbroken even if you had no idea who this man was and if you’ll ever actually meet him. It wasn’t just an emotional kind of pain, it was physical. It was the heart being crushed kind of pain and it left you in tears.

It’s amazing how a dream could make you feel so much pain. Pain that you’ve never even felt in real life. I think it’s because of your desire to find love as soon as possible. And it’s not just any kind of love that you want, you want the give your heart and soul kind of love but you’re not willing to do that unless you know that he’s the right guy.

But how will you know if he’s what they call “The one?” Will you feel it? Will you look into his eyes and know that you’re meant to be together? It’s frustrating that there is no clear sign for it.

If the one really does exist, I hope you find him soon. I know it’s not the right time because you’re obviously broken but maybe he could push you to fix yourself. If that’s even possible.


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