A Letter To You #1

I have no idea who you are but I dreamt about you once. It was a lovely dream but it ended in the worst possible way. I don’t know what it means but ever since I had that dream I had this fear that every person that I’d end up loving will leave me because of who I am. I know I’m the hardest person to please and my mood doesn’t really help so maybe I can help you by letting you know what you can do to make me happy.

I don’t need you to take me on fancy dates (because I don’t like spending a huge amount of money on things and I’m not going to let you pay for everything). Simple things like pizza and Jollibee and even street food like taho or squid balls will make me happy.

I don’t want to spend every date watching a movie because we won’t get to talk when we’re watching a movie. I want to get to know you. I want to know everything about you. What your childhood was like, the silly things you did when you were a kid, your fears, the things that put a smile on your face, everything. So dates that would allow us to get to know more about each other would be great.

I want things to be spontaneous. I’m not a big fan of routines when it comes to relationships so going on a random trip to a place we’ve never been to or exploring new restaurants and seeing new things would be a wonderful adventure for us both.

I don’t need fancy gifts cause I appreciate putting effort into something more. I don’t need flowers or jewelry and the sort. I like hand written notes and mixtapes and gifts that I know you actually thought of instead of gifts that you can just buy.

I like random surprises but I don’t like major surprises on days that mean something (ie. my birthday, valentine’s day, etc). Surprises on random days seem more special than on days where you’re expected to do something special.

I like asking questions and being asked questions. I’m a very curious person and I enjoy learning new things everyday. I also like being quizzed on things that I’ve read or movies that I’ve seen so maybe that could be a fun thing for us to do. And if we can’t think of any questions we can look for trivia games online and just play the whole day.

I love it when people notice the little things about a person. I find it sweet that someone would remember something you said once. Remembering the little things is important because I feel like the little things can make or break a relationship.

I know it’s a lot and I don’t know if that’s enough but maybe you’ll figure out some of the things that can make me happy on your own. Maybe you’d be enough to make me happy. I don’t know. But I promise to try to make you happy too. We’ll make each other happy. I’m looking forward to meeting you and if we already know each other then maybe we’ll get to do things that could make us both happy soon.


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