A Date With Myself – Details

After thinking about it for almost a day, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt if I went out by myself. I rode the MRT (which was miraculously empty) to Makati, went around the mall for a while before I went to the Ayala Triangle Gardens to see the show. I got there just in time and stayed for around an hour and a half to watch the shows three times since I had nothing better to do. Here are a few photos of the show:

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What I find weird about Makati is that I don’t feel as paranoid walking around at night as compared to how I feel, let’s say, when I walk around Quezon City. Maybe it’s because of the number of people walking around or the well lit streets. I’m not sure but I find it calming. So after the three shows that I watched, I walked around Makati for a while before deciding to ride the BGC Bus to BGC. I met up with a friend just to catch up and eat dinner at Yellow Cab then I decided to drink by myself (which is something that I don’t really do). I ended up feeling a bit tipsy and I’m also allergic to alcohol which made what I felt seem worse than it actually was so I tried to book a ride. I tried around ten times but I couldn’t book anything. I would’ve waited but my phone was about to die so I ended up asking another friend (my constant) to help me out. It was a good thing that he was still in the office and he came as soon as he could.

I went out by myself to prove (to myself) that I could do it. I wanted to be more independent cause I feel like I’ve lost that part of me a long time ago. I got through part of the day by myself but I guess I failed towards the end. But I’m pretty sure I liked how the day ended more than how it would’ve ended if I went home by myself.


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