Extroverted Introvert

My job allows me to work from my house on a daily basis. I usually only have to go to the office at least once a week which means that I’m not really close with my officemates and that I don’t actually talk to people on a regular basis. This doesn’t really bother me much but there are times when I feel like I need to go out and socialize. And when I do go out, I realize that I’m actually very lonely.

I used to have maybe two to three people who talk to me (through Facebook) everyday. I was okay with that. But then one started working and became really busy, one I still get to talk to but not as constant as before, and the other, I think, maybe needed a break from me because I am a very bad person (just kidding, long story). So now I’m back to being lonely. I can appreciate time alone, sure. But to be constantly alone is a different feeling altogether.

Now all my energy is reserved for when I go out and I have a hard time containing my excitement. I talk too much, laugh too much, yell too much, talk too loud, etc. which isn’t really who I am when I’m in a relaxed and normal state. I just find it weird, jumping from introvert to extrovert real quick because of the lack of social interaction in my life. There are even times when I feel like this whole situation would eventually lead to a major identity crisis.

I just need one constant. One person who I can talk to everyday. One person who won’t get tired of me and my annoying mood swings. One person who I can talk to for hours and hours and not want to stop. One person who won’t leave me. One person who will always be there for me as a friend. One person with no hidden agendas. Just one person who can make me feel at ease. One person who can restore the balance that I currently do not have in my life. Please let me find that person because I’m really tired of being alone.


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