A Letter To Myself #6

I feel like you’re about to enter your crazy bubble again and I need you to snap out of it. You do not have time for drama. You do not have time for distractions. You decided to take on so many things so now you have to face the consequences and focus on all the shit that you have to do.

Right now your number one priority is yourself. Number two is your “career” (if you actually have one). You might get another client soon so you have to get used to your current situation before that possible new job comes along. I don’t know why you keep saying yes to these things but if that’s what will keep you busy then I say keep ’em coming.

You have to figure out how to squeeze in your daily routines to this new busy schedule of yours. And by daily routines I mean working out, skincare, actually sleeping for eight hours, watching your tv shows, etc. You have to make time for you or else you’ll get so tired and you’ll hate what you’re doing. Don’t let it reach that point.

You got this. Might take some getting used to but once you figure it out, you’ll be fine.


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