Until Next Time

It’s so easy to pretend to be fine
To smile while everyone’s looking
To laugh like nothing’s wrong
To hide the fact that your heart is breaking due to sadness that, to you, feels inevitable
No reasons
No cause
Just a feeling that’s there
A feeling that you can’t erase
And when it feels like it’s too much
When it feels like you’re about to explode
You ask yourself if all of this is worth it
If the life you have now is worth all this pain
A kind of pain that you can’t even explain
Pain that no one seems to understand
Sometimes you just want to give up
Sometimes you can’t find a reason to keep going
But you suck all those thoughts up and keep them to yourself
You stay quiet
You breathe
You wait until you’re ready to try to keep fighting
And you go on with life as if nothing happened
Until the next time you feel like exploding again


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