It frustrates me that I can’t fully detach myself from the things that are (possibly) driving me crazy. The fact that I can’t completely disappear due to the nature of my work stresses me out because I want to disappear. Maybe not disappear forever but right now that’s what I think I need.

I need to detach myself from technology, from people, from thoughts that I know I shouldn’t be having, from distractions. I just need time to be free of all things that hinder me from being free.

Right now I’m still at that point where I want people to look for me and I want people to notice that I’m gone. I feel like I should only allow myself to go back to using any social media platform when I no longer care about something so petty. This constant need for attention won’t do me any good so this is my way of trying to get rid of that need.

I look forward to that moment when I won’t need anyone to see me. I look forward to that day that I will no longer need validation to feel okay about myself. When that happens, I can proudly say that I am finally free.


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