Movie Review #1 – La La Land

So just like my book reviews I won’t give you a summary of the movie because I don’t want to. I’d rather you watch it for yourself and be surprised as to what it’s actually about (mainly because that’s how I enjoy reading books and watching movies). I’d like to warn you though that this may contain spoilers so if you don’t like spoilers and you haven’t seen the movie yet then don’t read this review.

Anyway, La La Land had a lot of mixed reviews. Some people didn’t like it because of the ending, some people didn’t like it because, according to them, the movie forgot that it was a musical, other people loved the ending, and so on. Personally, I loved everything about the movie and here are a few reasons why:

  1. It’s a freakin’ musical!
    • I love musicals! They make life worth living (just kidding, not really). I smiled from ear to ear the moment the movie started until it got to the parts where you’re not actually supposed to smile…
  2. Some people argued that it forgot it was a musical since the music sequences weren’t one after the other and I guess there was a huge part of the movie that didn’t involve music.
    • I think the movie went from being the typical unrealistic musical situation to something more real and relatable towards the end (idea I got from my friend, Joyce). So it’s possible that this was a deliberate move to make the movie more relatable and more real since musicals tend to give off a magical vibe.
  3. The way it was filmed and edited.
    • I usually don’t care about the shots and angles and all that stuff but after college it became a habit to actually notice and question how they filmed a movie. The way they filmed the musical sequences of La La Land was fascinating because they did continuos shots and the movement of the camera was so smooth and deliberate and it just added to the magical feel of watching a musical.
  4. They chose actors who didn’t have that perfect musical background.
    • Again, I assume that they did this to make the characters seem more relatable.
  5. They weren’t the perfect couple and it showed gradually as the movie progressed.
    • The lack of communication, one person assuming that this is what the other wants, her letting him fall way down a path that he didn’t want in the first place, him not showing up for her play, etc.
  6. The ending.
    • To me, it was the perfect ending. Yes, I thought it was sad at first (I could relate to it in a way) and I cried like a baby but when you analyze everything that happened from start to finish you’ll realize that the ending made sense. I think it had a happy ending because they both decided that ending their relationship was the best way for them to both succeed in life and it was pretty obvious that both of them had their eyes set on following their dreams. Both of them decided to put theirselves first, to love theirselves first, and they became successful. They both found happiness as individuals. What I liked most was that they were happy for each other, genuinely happy. See, happy ending.

I’m pretty sure there are more reasons why you should love this movie but all I can give you are these six reasons…for now. I’ll add more if something else comes to mind. Maybe I’ll be able to think of more reasons if or when I watch the movie again.

I’m giving it a 5 out of 5. It definitely deserves all the awards and the recognition that it’s currently getting from the different award giving bodies.